Brainwash in Paris by cocolovecity
July 5, 2011, 11:57 am
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If you’re in Paris tonight it’s time for a brainwash !!! Facebook Event

Brain Wash is a short films festival. North London based, they host multiple events around the world: London, Manchester, Birmingham, New York and now Paris. So if you are in one of those cities you should check their program on

This collective of artists, designers, film makers, photographers gives a refreshing eye on cinema. Encouraging the discovery of new talents we just can’t wait to sit down and enjoy this year’s short films !

Here’s the program :


Fashion Blogs Survey by cocolovecity

Fashion Bloggers get more and more privileges in the Fashion industry so if you have time answer this “questionnaire” (sounds better in French) it would be a big help for my thesis subject !! Answer here there ici voila merci
Anyway back on the track: last amazing collaboration is Elin Kling with H&M. Done with Lanvin by H&M dresses! You will now wear fashion blogger’s collections. Well, you can take this as hope (if you have a fashion blog and a good style) OR “Whattt?? why should I buy a collection from a blogger????” OR be Avant-gardiste and see fashion blogs as the futrure of fashion (check Viceland for more info!) We ‘re just guessing on who’s going to be next? !
Check Elin’s blog (which is amazing)
and here’s a sample of the collection:

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