Life is a beach ! by cocolovecity

Come on the sun is out !! You can either go to a sunny place for spring break or just go to a park next to your place ! Here’s some things to get in your sunny luggages for spring:
First to put you in the summer/spring mood:
Check Aldo

Put the Karen Walker retro sunglasses on

Give some flower power on your terrace or window with l’Avant Gardiste

Some accessories for your hair with Musubi S’amuse

Put beautiful music in your ears :

Concert on the 29th of march!! Get the tickets 
Their Myspace

And to end on a sweet touch, grab a cupcake at Chloe’s


I see the future by cocolovecity

Let’s think about the future ! What will we be wearing in the years that are coming ? The first image that came to my mind was Lady Gaga (not the “Gaga meat” but the one in Poker face in her beginings). I remember that what I liked the most was her fancy sunglasses ! So here’s some ideas to get a futuristic look!

You can enter Gaga ‘s world with  Stevie Boi

Or, discover Coco&&Breezy who are amazing and probably from another planet! They have a really eccentric look and rock it with their own sunglasses collection.

But, if you want to give it a more simple and neutral look adopt the Martin Margiela ‘s sunglasses

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