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Hey ! I’ve been out for a while, working on KLAP and trying to develop the best for all the readers/viewers !!

Here’s a short preview on what we’ve done those the past few months !

We went to A vos Mailles exhibit, you can see the video directed by Magali ( I highly encourage you to check her personal website Tissus et artisans du monde , she is just too amazing to miss what she does!!)

We made a film about water based on Georges Méliès’  inspirations directed by Danaé (if you haven’t seen her work yet go on … She won the first prize of the prestigious Science Po short film festival with her production: Daphne, made for our first issue on origins inspirations)

We had our 2nd beauty shooting, photographed by friend and amazing photographer Nastasia Dusapin 3 beautiful women for our Aquatic inspiration : Lola (French singer and comedian, will always make you smile) Marion (Fashion blogger and sweetes thing) and Angèle (Future huge stylist ! We all know it!)

We created a new category : Exposure, where KLAP visit the homes of artists, designers, singers, ministers, bloggers, wankers to discover their whole world and know more about what they do. Our first meeting was in Lille, France with the designer Sarah Sumfleth.

We made our third fashion film on future inspirations at the Seven Hotel in Paris ! It was amazing, beautiful and fun ! I’ll let you discover the fate of AVA:

We were invited by the French Hotel Lutecia in Paris to discover Le Discret which was an amazing experience. I def, consider to pay him a visit if you ‘re in Paris !

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Spring fling by cocolovecity

Well you already saw the backstage video of the summer photoshoot of the accessory brand Musubi s’amuse. But now you can enjoy some of the pictures ! So here ‘s my favorites ! You can find the whole photoshoot on the website

Photographer : Nastasia Dusapin
Stylisme : Gabrielle Kozo
Make up : Clélia Jacob
Hairstyle : Aurélie Yvon
Models : Audrey Dewilder & Julie Bucher

Musubi s’amuse backstage ! by cocolovecity

Check out the video that I made for the accessory brand Musubi s’amuse

Photographer : Nastasia Dusapin
Stylisme : Gabrielle Kozo
Make up : Clélia Jacob
Hairstyle : Aurélie Yvon
Models : Audrey Dewilder & Julie Bucher
Music: Natas Loves you – Golden Fog, Their Myspace, their Facebook

Say Glo ? by cocolovecity

Last week was the launch of the fashion mag Glo France by MSN. When the ipad is the last trend to get in your bag, well you better run online to check the mag ! It’s very visual and very usefull because you can get your own corner using a “scrapbook”. Anyway the party was really fun, we danced, put on some make up and got photographed by the amazing photographer Jean Picon for Say who ? (if you want to get all the best pictures from Paris’s hippest parties, you should def. check it out!) Here’s some pics!

In the order Marion Rocks, Lala Said, Nastasia Dusapin

Dj Loup and Damien from Hopschotch

The headband that I’m wearing is from Musubi s’amuse (she’s working on her website, so if you want one of her beautiful accessories send her a message on facebook!)

Shooting I need another world by Nastasia Dusapin by cocolovecity

After a day of cooking and an afternoon of toppings on a beautiful (but cold) afternoon, direction shooting with the amazing photographer Nastasia Dusapin, who made my little sweets magnificent and this beautiful project possible! Sugar, chocolate, cupcakes here’s a selection of the photoshoot “I need another world” where you can see the cupcakes I made (many thanks to Aurélie, the make up artist who helped me to make those sweets even more beautiful).

Unforgettable afternoon with sweet Laytitia (model and singer of the RiTch kids), Gabrielle Musubi (the beautiful stylist and designer of Musubi s’amuse), Charles Perron (creator of Staart where you can see this shoot as the first fashion editorial), Aurélie Martin (Make up and cupcake artist), Julian Sapin (hair stylist who makes perfect curls), Margaux Robello (for her cuteness and amazing house) and of course Nastasia (for her gorgeous photographs and friendship) check her professional book and enjoy :

As for the clothes :
Many thanks to Carole
La boutique “les Parisiennes”
Dépot-Vente Luxe Vintage & Créateurs
25 rue du Dragon
75006 Paris
You can find the boutique here

as well as to the Press offices Dress Code and Catherine Miran

Bow Woww by cocolovecity

Noeud Papillons/Bows/Pajarita one word: Styyyyylish

Well for men it’s just easy to wear, hop one bow and you get the style! Here’s some really cool ones from Uniform Experiment :

For women, well kind of different, so here’s some tips to rock the bow:

Monday: you wear the bow with the Dr Martens Mary Janes and feel like a pretty kitty (Dr. Martens x Sanrio)

Tuesday : Malabar calls you for brunch well bow up with  Noeud Papillon ( My favorite part is to recieve her bows it’s like Kate (the designer) threw a whole little party in the package for you)

Wednesday : You go fancy for dinner with Mr. Love ! Cor sine labe doli an talian accessory-maker will help with his new line of ceramic bow ties.

AS FOR THURSDAY well this is for men and women: you go to the fantastic Parisian Party Au Bonheur des Dames…Let’s rock your BowTie Darling! Come one! I gave you enough tips to rock the bow now it’s time to rock the dancefloor!

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