Sea Sight by cocolovecity

A new video that I made for the brand “Musubi s’amuse” ! It is on the beach in the south of France with a beautiful sunset. So much fun and beauty ! Loved it I hope you’ll like it too ! You can like the page here and check the website here


Spring fling by cocolovecity

Well you already saw the backstage video of the summer photoshoot of the accessory brand Musubi s’amuse. But now you can enjoy some of the pictures ! So here ‘s my favorites ! You can find the whole photoshoot on the website

Photographer : Nastasia Dusapin
Stylisme : Gabrielle Kozo
Make up : Clélia Jacob
Hairstyle : Aurélie Yvon
Models : Audrey Dewilder & Julie Bucher

Musubi s’amuse backstage ! by cocolovecity

Check out the video that I made for the accessory brand Musubi s’amuse

Photographer : Nastasia Dusapin
Stylisme : Gabrielle Kozo
Make up : Clélia Jacob
Hairstyle : Aurélie Yvon
Models : Audrey Dewilder & Julie Bucher
Music: Natas Loves you – Golden Fog, Their Myspace, their Facebook

A delicious afternoon ! by cocolovecity

Musubi s’amuse is a French accessory brand: headbands, necklaces, rings I absolutly love what she does ! She invited us to drink tea, eat some cupcakes and try out her accessories! You can find her on facebook: Musubi s’amuse and check out this sweet video !

Life is a beach ! by cocolovecity

Come on the sun is out !! You can either go to a sunny place for spring break or just go to a park next to your place ! Here’s some things to get in your sunny luggages for spring:
First to put you in the summer/spring mood:
Check Aldo

Put the Karen Walker retro sunglasses on

Give some flower power on your terrace or window with l’Avant Gardiste

Some accessories for your hair with Musubi S’amuse

Put beautiful music in your ears :

Concert on the 29th of march!! Get the tickets 
Their Myspace

And to end on a sweet touch, grab a cupcake at Chloe’s

Shooting I need another world by Nastasia Dusapin by cocolovecity

After a day of cooking and an afternoon of toppings on a beautiful (but cold) afternoon, direction shooting with the amazing photographer Nastasia Dusapin, who made my little sweets magnificent and this beautiful project possible! Sugar, chocolate, cupcakes here’s a selection of the photoshoot “I need another world” where you can see the cupcakes I made (many thanks to Aurélie, the make up artist who helped me to make those sweets even more beautiful).

Unforgettable afternoon with sweet Laytitia (model and singer of the RiTch kids), Gabrielle Musubi (the beautiful stylist and designer of Musubi s’amuse), Charles Perron (creator of Staart where you can see this shoot as the first fashion editorial), Aurélie Martin (Make up and cupcake artist), Julian Sapin (hair stylist who makes perfect curls), Margaux Robello (for her cuteness and amazing house) and of course Nastasia (for her gorgeous photographs and friendship) check her professional book and enjoy :

As for the clothes :
Many thanks to Carole
La boutique “les Parisiennes”
Dépot-Vente Luxe Vintage & Créateurs
25 rue du Dragon
75006 Paris
You can find the boutique here

as well as to the Press offices Dress Code and Catherine Miran

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