Sea Sight by cocolovecity

A new video that I made for the brand “Musubi s’amuse” ! It is on the beach in the south of France with a beautiful sunset. So much fun and beauty ! Loved it I hope you’ll like it too ! You can like the page here and check the website here


A delicious afternoon ! by cocolovecity

Musubi s’amuse is a French accessory brand: headbands, necklaces, rings I absolutly love what she does ! She invited us to drink tea, eat some cupcakes and try out her accessories! You can find her on facebook: Musubi s’amuse and check out this sweet video !

Meet Kiddy Smile by cocolovecity

Kiddy Smile who is a singer and a fashion icon in France, brought me to his favorite store in Paris to talk about fashion: Kokon To Zai.
Then we went to the studio of his record label Freaks to talk about his music and get a little “live” !
Enjoy this colorful day !

Life is a beach ! by cocolovecity

Come on the sun is out !! You can either go to a sunny place for spring break or just go to a park next to your place ! Here’s some things to get in your sunny luggages for spring:
First to put you in the summer/spring mood:
Check Aldo

Put the Karen Walker retro sunglasses on

Give some flower power on your terrace or window with l’Avant Gardiste

Some accessories for your hair with Musubi S’amuse

Put beautiful music in your ears :

Concert on the 29th of march!! Get the tickets 
Their Myspace

And to end on a sweet touch, grab a cupcake at Chloe’s

Pop the bottle ! by cocolovecity

Coca Cola‘s design have always been amazing, multiples designers and artists collaborated with the brand, and now student Shamil Ramazanov created a kid bottle concept! I wish i had them all !! Enjoy the bottle show:

Experimental with the Kid Bottle by Shamil Ramazanov

Fashionable and artistic with , Chen Shaohua Manolo Blahnik , Sonia Rykiel,Kar Lagerfeld

Music Vibe with Mika and Justice from Ed Banger Records

And a funny touch with the creative agency W+K :

Meet the Rackstarz by cocolovecity

Jessilann and Patrick Stachmou come from Paris, they put amazing sound in your hears with their music group Les Rackstarz and dress you like crazy with their designer brand Jessilann Paris! You can check their website Jessilann Paris, join their Facebook group, buy their clothes here or here in the streets of Paris and their music here and even check their Myspace !!
Those two curly heads came to my place so I could teach them how to cook cupcakes. Sugar, fondant, cakes and sunglasses enjoy this amazing afternoon that I spent with them:

The final cake :

C’est pas ma faute by cocolovecity

We all get moody, mad, sad, happy, hangry… and a dark side! Multiple personalities and moody themes are in ! In music or fashion you can finally get insane and be ok with it 😀

First Check Juliette d’Arbanville, she plays two characters: her and the other in a kind of a skyzo way. The video is awesome and the song so catchy (plus she is magnificent so make the buzz!!) She is a French singer and was the fiancée in the musical Le soldat Rose.

Juliette d’Arbanville – La personne aux deux personnes

Also the Neil Barrett‘ s Blackbarrett collection 2010 uses black moody silhouette that play around the model. (awesome music on his website) Check it out:

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