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I just spent a week in London, I discovered and rediscovered some places. So here’s how you should spend your day !

Begin with a Brunch, my favorite place is Food Lab I always take the Vegetarian Pesto and Pistachio Lasagna which is DELICIOUS !! Go check their website for amazing recipes.

Then buy sexy underwears and get waXed @ Strip

Enjoy a Hot cupcake at Cox cookies & cake which is such a crazy place (created by shoe’s god Patrick Cox !!)

Get a Mojito at Sketch and visit their crazy bathrooms

Wake up, buy Marie Claire to see your hot best friend featured in the style pages !!

then dye your hair blue at Bleach, make your boyfriend wear a Johnny Cupcake shirt and go to Borough Market to enjoy some good foods.


Brainwash in Paris by cocolovecity
July 5, 2011, 11:57 am
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If you’re in Paris tonight it’s time for a brainwash !!! Facebook Event

Brain Wash is a short films festival. North London based, they host multiple events around the world: London, Manchester, Birmingham, New York and now Paris. So if you are in one of those cities you should check their program on

This collective of artists, designers, film makers, photographers gives a refreshing eye on cinema. Encouraging the discovery of new talents we just can’t wait to sit down and enjoy this year’s short films !

Here’s the program :

Meet Arlette Ess by cocolovecity

Little trip to London to meet Arlette, she worked for Alexander Mc Queen and started her own accessory brand recently. Magical place and afternoon that I spent with her : she even bought me cupcakes ♥ and made a drawing for Cocolovecity! You can check her <a href=””>website</a&gt; to see her whole collection.

Music GMT

Diverse-cities by cocolovecity

Well I cannot be in every city at the same BUT I can give you some tips for exhibits to do in the weeks that are coming!! All of them are beautiful, original and crazy: I really hope you’ll enjoy them !

I will first go with Paris :

L’evenart is doing its first exhibition which is called Diverses-Cities: Vues located in the Marais neighborhood from the 26 to the 28 of november. (You can join the event on Facebook) It is a photography exhibit where you will be able to see five different artists giving their proper vision of the “urban jungle” that we live in! You can meet the artists and buy their photographs and all the extra money will go to APED-MR in Burkina to help young artists from Ouagadougou.
Here ‘s some “clichés” of my favorite artist: Bruno Abehassera

Then, New York :

I am all underbelly project: a mix of street art and underground exploration. Everything happens under the streets of NYC. Workhouse and PAC created this secret project and went to graff an abandoned subway station. They brought 103 artists to finish the project in one night. The exhibit is not open to the public for legal reason but everything is so fresh that hopefully it might change one day. Also, The New York Times made a video about this project but they wont share it! so click here to see it

And I will finish with London,

Pure Evil Gallery is located on 108 Leonard Street in London and hosts all amazing artists. BUT get ready! From the 11th of november until the 28th (so you’ve got plenty of time to take a ticket) the PANIK ATG exhibit is there. Check the video to know more about this talented street artist:

Pop it up! by cocolovecity
April 10, 2010, 8:14 pm
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Way of living it pop

begining 80s just loove it!!

Pop up stores are temporary it can be a place that sells clothes on monday and host a party on tuesday. Constantly changing you should visit them before their marchandise disappear!

Here’s some adresses don’t hesitate to leave your favorites so I can check them out:

In Paris Pop Up Store Oberkampf
London Darkroom

Food Couture by cocolovecity

Lisa Edsalv is THE cupcake goddess. Cupcake Party sounds good!! Well she is an artist so it will be hard to eat hers but you can go check her work here

But to actually eat magnificent cupcakes heres some addresses
New York I personally looooove Melissa’s cupcake but for designers ones: Wendy’s cupcake

Sketching is the new in by cocolovecity
December 27, 2009, 4:19 pm
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From NY
Blue Logan, artist from London does not photographs runway, he scketches them!
Well known for his fashion scketches he is now in the center of NY party scene.
Always observing interactions between high personnalities in the fashion or elite world: he tries to find this limit between A listed and B listed people! A scandal and juicy art !

TO Paris and Tokyo
Does Kitsuné ring a bell ? Hot Chip, Digitalism…
Gildas Loaec et Masaya Kuroki founders of the music production house Kitsuné Maison cannot separate music from fashion. In every Kisuné Album you will find a small catalogue with all their clothes (well tee shirts). Love the music, love the tee shirts !

Goal for next year being sketched by Blue Logan in a Kitsuné Party with their shirt !

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