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Hey ! I’ve been out for a while, working on KLAP and trying to develop the best for all the readers/viewers !!

Here’s a short preview on what we’ve done those the past few months !

We went to A vos Mailles exhibit, you can see the video directed by Magali ( I highly encourage you to check her personal website Tissus et artisans du monde , she is just too amazing to miss what she does!!)

We made a film about water based on Georges Méliès’  inspirations directed by Danaé (if you haven’t seen her work yet go on … She won the first prize of the prestigious Science Po short film festival with her production: Daphne, made for our first issue on origins inspirations)

We had our 2nd beauty shooting, photographed by friend and amazing photographer Nastasia Dusapin 3 beautiful women for our Aquatic inspiration : Lola (French singer and comedian, will always make you smile) Marion (Fashion blogger and sweetes thing) and Angèle (Future huge stylist ! We all know it!)

We created a new category : Exposure, where KLAP visit the homes of artists, designers, singers, ministers, bloggers, wankers to discover their whole world and know more about what they do. Our first meeting was in Lille, France with the designer Sarah Sumfleth.

We made our third fashion film on future inspirations at the Seven Hotel in Paris ! It was amazing, beautiful and fun ! I’ll let you discover the fate of AVA:

We were invited by the French Hotel Lutecia in Paris to discover Le Discret which was an amazing experience. I def, consider to pay him a visit if you ‘re in Paris !

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Are you a designer ? by cocolovecity
June 26, 2011, 7:07 pm
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If yes, you should definitely participate in the French “Carnet de Mode” contest ! It’s opened until the 30 of june so hurry up !!

Carnet de Mode is a revolutionary concept, they choose designer and YOU, the public, decide if they should be successful. You pre-order in a collection that you like and it gives you the chance to make profit once it’s out!

Let’s go back to the contest ! The winner will get the chance to be selected for the pre-order process and get a stand at the famous exhibit “Salon du Prêt à Porter” in Paris.

If you’re not a designer, you can still vote online for your favorite ! I personally prefer Cookie Ann

Sea Sight by cocolovecity

A new video that I made for the brand “Musubi s’amuse” ! It is on the beach in the south of France with a beautiful sunset. So much fun and beauty ! Loved it I hope you’ll like it too ! You can like the page here and check the website here

Everybody likes a Parisian Girl by cocolovecity

I recently got the chance to participate to the “Les Nanas d’Paname” project which was created by the talented photographer Chloé Bonnard and the amazing make up artist Aurélie Martin. The project consisted in gathering different girls from different backgrounds and cultures but that all represent the Parisian Girl !  When I discovered the other girls I was surprised to see some of my friends ! So here some photographs and if you want to see more go on the Facebook Page !!

Photographer Chloé Bonnard

Make up artist Aurélie Martin

My friend and fashion blogger Marion Rocks

Friend and comedian Lola Ces

Friend and Hairdresser Aurélie Yvon

And me !

Meet the Rackstarz by cocolovecity

Jessilann and Patrick Stachmou come from Paris, they put amazing sound in your hears with their music group Les Rackstarz and dress you like crazy with their designer brand Jessilann Paris! You can check their website Jessilann Paris, join their Facebook group, buy their clothes here or here in the streets of Paris and their music here and even check their Myspace !!
Those two curly heads came to my place so I could teach them how to cook cupcakes. Sugar, fondant, cakes and sunglasses enjoy this amazing afternoon that I spent with them:

The final cake :

Adidas Tofomatic by cocolovecity

Little party with my Faucon at the Adidas store on the Champs Elysées last week, lot of music, lot of champagne, lot of people, great music and CRAZY Tofomatic ( Photobooth that takes your whole body )

During that fabulous party, well every invited person could be taken in the Tofo Matic and then be part of the new Adidas campaign, check it here !

Tips: If you live or pass by Paris you can get photographed in Adidas stores but  be careful the Tofo Matic moves so check the dates on the website : )

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Last Adidas France campaing using stop-motion in the streets of Paris :


It’s only a question of legs by cocolovecity

“The legs are the wheels of creativity” Einstein
Well some artists got the idea and played with them:

Photographer Tommy Agriodimas takes a variety of legs (with beautiful shoes on their feet !!) in differents backgounds in his ‘Crazy LEGS’ theme.
Check his website

The Pumpies Voyagerz’s last music video “Jennesse” is all about legs:
Their Myspace

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