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I just spent a week in London, I discovered and rediscovered some places. So here’s how you should spend your day !

Begin with a Brunch, my favorite place is Food Lab I always take the Vegetarian Pesto and Pistachio Lasagna which is DELICIOUS !! Go check their website for amazing recipes.

Then buy sexy underwears and get waXed @ Strip

Enjoy a Hot cupcake at Cox cookies & cake which is such a crazy place (created by shoe’s god Patrick Cox !!)

Get a Mojito at Sketch and visit their crazy bathrooms

Wake up, buy Marie Claire to see your hot best friend featured in the style pages !!

then dye your hair blue at Bleach, make your boyfriend wear a Johnny Cupcake shirt and go to Borough Market to enjoy some good foods.


Sweet ! by cocolovecity

Beautiful days are approaching and beautiful cakes too !
First I wanted to inform you that if you live in Paris you can participate to the Annual Cupcake camp which would be in Fall this year, I’ll tell you more about it this summer to prep up for the competition !

Then I wanted to share some of my creations with you. Cupcakes are really easy to make you just have to let your inspirations and creation be free :

And last just for the pleasure, I recently discovered MIAM designer who is incredible. I never saw jewelry look that much like real food, I’m seriously hungry now!

Meet Chloé S. by cocolovecity
October 30, 2010, 12:51 pm
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Dear readers, after 104 posts, I offer you for this 105th: My first interview !
You will be able to find all the videos on the blog under the category Coco I-TV, on vimeo/cocolovecity and on the Facebook page Cocolovecity!
I hope you will enjoy it and don’t hesitate to send me messages to tell me what you think.


Back to the interview : I chose Chloé for this first because as you probably know by now I’m obsessed with cupcakes (well any kind of sweets actually), because she brought to Paris those cute-cakes and made Parisian people sweeter !
You can check her blog and website and go taste her sweets or take a class here

Chloé likes
French music group Brigitte
Ghibli studio

Sista Powa, eat cupcakes and enjoy amazing music! by cocolovecity

Yesterday I was hanging in Paris and passed by Chloe’s (her website)  THE new place to be in Paris to eat cupcakes. Well we’ve got a private tour and Chloe is really the best! So nice and sweet like her cupcakes!  The place is so pinkish and cosy, perfect to get a brunch on week ends or just to enjoy some sweetness after work. I will go back really soon and tell you more about it! Here’s some pictures:


Then to stay in the family mood, I went to see her sister who is one of the lead singer of the French group Brigitte! Amazing style and voices, those girls really know how to rock the ambiance and make the whole room dance ! We just love them ! Check their Myspace and get ready to buy their 3 titles album coming out on the 1st of june. Here’s a picture of the concert and their music video: (you can find the magnificient headband that the curly Brigitte is wearing on Anna Rivka’s website, for an elegant and glamourous attitude)

Food Couture by cocolovecity

Lisa Edsalv is THE cupcake goddess. Cupcake Party sounds good!! Well she is an artist so it will be hard to eat hers but you can go check her work here

But to actually eat magnificent cupcakes heres some addresses
New York I personally looooove Melissa’s cupcake but for designers ones: Wendy’s cupcake

After haute couture we’ve got food couture by cocolovecity
December 16, 2009, 1:48 pm
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Alexis Mabille did his first runway show in the famous salon de thé Angélina (famous for its delicious hot chocolate!).
For the winter holidays to gain weight but still be fabulous 😀 he associated with Sebastien Bauer to create : LA buche and kept his fashion touch with this little silver bow.
La bûche couture Angelina by Alexis Mabille :

Pop Art, Pop music, Pop Burger by cocolovecity
August 15, 2009, 10:45 am
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asm_miniburgersI was playing in FAO Schwartz (767 5th Ave New York, NY 10153-0023) when I got hungry so I got out and saw this place: Pop Burger! The design is amazing, the burgers and fries loved it, the rest disgusting YOU MUST ONLY TAKE MINI BURGERS!

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