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I just spent a week in London, I discovered and rediscovered some places. So here’s how you should spend your day !

Begin with a Brunch, my favorite place is Food Lab I always take the Vegetarian Pesto and Pistachio Lasagna which is DELICIOUS !! Go check their website for amazing recipes.

Then buy sexy underwears and get waXed @ Strip

Enjoy a Hot cupcake at Cox cookies & cake which is such a crazy place (created by shoe’s god Patrick Cox !!)

Get a Mojito at Sketch and visit their crazy bathrooms

Wake up, buy Marie Claire to see your hot best friend featured in the style pages !!

then dye your hair blue at Bleach, make your boyfriend wear a Johnny Cupcake shirt and go to Borough Market to enjoy some good foods.


A delicious afternoon ! by cocolovecity

Musubi s’amuse is a French accessory brand: headbands, necklaces, rings I absolutly love what she does ! She invited us to drink tea, eat some cupcakes and try out her accessories! You can find her on facebook: Musubi s’amuse and check out this sweet video !

Sweet ! by cocolovecity

Beautiful days are approaching and beautiful cakes too !
First I wanted to inform you that if you live in Paris you can participate to the Annual Cupcake camp which would be in Fall this year, I’ll tell you more about it this summer to prep up for the competition !

Then I wanted to share some of my creations with you. Cupcakes are really easy to make you just have to let your inspirations and creation be free :

And last just for the pleasure, I recently discovered MIAM designer who is incredible. I never saw jewelry look that much like real food, I’m seriously hungry now!

Bisou Bisou by cocolovecity
December 10, 2010, 7:10 pm
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Beijos means kisses in portuguese, it is also the name of the brand of Simone Nunes born brazilian who now lives in Paris. She makes beautiful jewelry: from real hearts to cute fishes (plus it’s affordable) go shop here if you live in Paris.
Last night I went to Beijos‘ exhibit at the Jeanne D’Arc Hotel in the Marais in Paris : wine, cheese and some cupcakes that I made for the event :

Meet Arlette Ess by cocolovecity

Little trip to London to meet Arlette, she worked for Alexander Mc Queen and started her own accessory brand recently. Magical place and afternoon that I spent with her : she even bought me cupcakes ♥ and made a drawing for Cocolovecity! You can check her <a href=””>website</a&gt; to see her whole collection.

Music GMT

Meet the Rackstarz by cocolovecity

Jessilann and Patrick Stachmou come from Paris, they put amazing sound in your hears with their music group Les Rackstarz and dress you like crazy with their designer brand Jessilann Paris! You can check their website Jessilann Paris, join their Facebook group, buy their clothes here or here in the streets of Paris and their music here and even check their Myspace !!
Those two curly heads came to my place so I could teach them how to cook cupcakes. Sugar, fondant, cakes and sunglasses enjoy this amazing afternoon that I spent with them:

The final cake :

Shooting I need another world by Nastasia Dusapin by cocolovecity

After a day of cooking and an afternoon of toppings on a beautiful (but cold) afternoon, direction shooting with the amazing photographer Nastasia Dusapin, who made my little sweets magnificent and this beautiful project possible! Sugar, chocolate, cupcakes here’s a selection of the photoshoot “I need another world” where you can see the cupcakes I made (many thanks to Aurélie, the make up artist who helped me to make those sweets even more beautiful).

Unforgettable afternoon with sweet Laytitia (model and singer of the RiTch kids), Gabrielle Musubi (the beautiful stylist and designer of Musubi s’amuse), Charles Perron (creator of Staart where you can see this shoot as the first fashion editorial), Aurélie Martin (Make up and cupcake artist), Julian Sapin (hair stylist who makes perfect curls), Margaux Robello (for her cuteness and amazing house) and of course Nastasia (for her gorgeous photographs and friendship) check her professional book and enjoy :

As for the clothes :
Many thanks to Carole
La boutique “les Parisiennes”
Dépot-Vente Luxe Vintage & Créateurs
25 rue du Dragon
75006 Paris
You can find the boutique here

as well as to the Press offices Dress Code and Catherine Miran

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