Sea Sight by cocolovecity

A new video that I made for the brand “Musubi s’amuse” ! It is on the beach in the south of France with a beautiful sunset. So much fun and beauty ! Loved it I hope you’ll like it too ! You can like the page here and check the website here


Spring fling by cocolovecity

Well you already saw the backstage video of the summer photoshoot of the accessory brand Musubi s’amuse. But now you can enjoy some of the pictures ! So here ‘s my favorites ! You can find the whole photoshoot on the website

Photographer : Nastasia Dusapin
Stylisme : Gabrielle Kozo
Make up : Clélia Jacob
Hairstyle : Aurélie Yvon
Models : Audrey Dewilder & Julie Bucher

Musubi s’amuse backstage ! by cocolovecity

Check out the video that I made for the accessory brand Musubi s’amuse

Photographer : Nastasia Dusapin
Stylisme : Gabrielle Kozo
Make up : Clélia Jacob
Hairstyle : Aurélie Yvon
Models : Audrey Dewilder & Julie Bucher
Music: Natas Loves you – Golden Fog, Their Myspace, their Facebook

A delicious afternoon ! by cocolovecity

Musubi s’amuse is a French accessory brand: headbands, necklaces, rings I absolutly love what she does ! She invited us to drink tea, eat some cupcakes and try out her accessories! You can find her on facebook: Musubi s’amuse and check out this sweet video !

Sweet ! by cocolovecity

Beautiful days are approaching and beautiful cakes too !
First I wanted to inform you that if you live in Paris you can participate to the Annual Cupcake camp which would be in Fall this year, I’ll tell you more about it this summer to prep up for the competition !

Then I wanted to share some of my creations with you. Cupcakes are really easy to make you just have to let your inspirations and creation be free :

And last just for the pleasure, I recently discovered MIAM designer who is incredible. I never saw jewelry look that much like real food, I’m seriously hungry now!

Back to the gym ? by cocolovecity

After the holidays I guess it’s the time to buy healthy food, hit the gym and apply our sports resolutions ! but I say NO to ugly style for our future athletic activities ! So I went searching and see how designers made sports stylish:

Look how adidas Japan makes sports look hot!

If you are a city person
Get your rollers on! Sadly, rollers designers usually privilege the comfort and forget about the style! Fortunately, Urban Outfitters is here to save our feet !

If you’re enjoying the cold
Glass of champagne? Not this time, Veuve Clicquot actually made a pair of ski sunglasses! This is how you will enjoy your champagne tan on the mountain !

Finally if you enjoy the ocean
Get fancy and surf’s up for amazing waves with Chanel !

Meet Arlette Ess by cocolovecity

Little trip to London to meet Arlette, she worked for Alexander Mc Queen and started her own accessory brand recently. Magical place and afternoon that I spent with her : she even bought me cupcakes ♥ and made a drawing for Cocolovecity! You can check her <a href=””>website</a&gt; to see her whole collection.

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