I see the future by cocolovecity

Let’s think about the future ! What will we be wearing in the years that are coming ? The first image that came to my mind was Lady Gaga (not the “Gaga meat” but the one in Poker face in her beginings). I remember that what I liked the most was her fancy sunglasses ! So here’s some ideas to get a futuristic look!

You can enter Gaga ‘s world with  Stevie Boi

Or, discover Coco&&Breezy who are amazing and probably from another planet! They have a really eccentric look and rock it with their own sunglasses collection.

But, if you want to give it a more simple and neutral look adopt the Martin Margiela ‘s sunglasses


Shine On Leggings ! by cocolovecity

Winter is here! Time to buy hot leggings and tights to be hotter and beautiful! Here’s a selection of my three favorite brands:

Get the runway look with Gal Stern ! She is an amazing Tel Aviv based designer, grad of the “Shenkar” high college of design (Israel’s’ top fashion school that produced the likes of Albert Elbaz, Viktor Belaish etc’). All the tights are hand printed and only 37 € ! Check her website

Get the fashionista look with James ! Who, a year ago got a beautiful idea: he walked into a sewing shop full of grandmas and decided to learn how to sew !! Millions of designs, chains, models, sewing and leggings later here are the Black Milk leggings:

Finally, get in the colorful mood with Loula ! She is young, full of energy and wants Lagy Gaga to wear her leggings à tout prix! Check her website Loula Creates and new collection:

Bang Bang at Ed’s by cocolovecity

OK ED’s everywhere, in the clubs, on your shirt, your iphone, your ipod, your dogs’s mouth ? The French label ED BANGER is rockin’ our everyday life ! Well you probably know the most famous artists that they have such as Uffie, Justice, DJ Mehdi and Cassius but you have so much more to discover check the MySpace !

Being part of the EDB community is easy :

First Guys,you got to be a Cool Cat wearing THE cool shirt and Uffie lovers you can wear her collection for Diesel

Second you download the Cassius App so you’ll be able to do the same video as Cassius with your dog, boyfiend, mother:

Last you can get all the news by signing up to their newsletter to assist to all the concerts of the EDB artists

Dress sexy to get candy by cocolovecity

Halloween is coming, yes? Well no excuses to not dress up, so go out there to find costumes and accessories! Here’s some tips to not put your ugly witches or super heroes costumes:

I would definitely go with the nail accessories for girls : Here’s some example that you can find on Lala’s blog (she is absolutely incredible and even does jewelry so check it out !!)

As for Guys you don’t have to dress like a gameboy or spongebob, you better wear a Johnny Cupcakes fashionable Halloween T Shirt ( If you get the chance to go to Boston LA or Hull in the US go check their stores, they just look like bakeries)

To finish everybody knows that Halloween is just an excuse to dress naughty, we want to do it  with class so we choose Sex and the city stylist Patricia Field. Check her Halloween collection full of Minnies, Alices… :


Th-ink and ink by cocolovecity
September 28, 2010, 1:21 am
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We all thought about getting a tattoo but the “Mom I Love you” is not so hype! Here’s some tips to get your sexy temporary tattoo:

Dereon Tattoos recently shot for its Fall 2010 campaign Beyonce’s HOT body to demonstrate their beautiful temporary tattoos! Take a look:

Tink it which is more Artsy, has a beautiful concept: give artists a new way of expressing themselves threw your skin. They’re in limited edition so run to get them!

Cupcake invadors by cocolovecity
August 17, 2010, 8:29 pm
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As you know, i’m crazy about food, shoes, cute things and of course CUPCAKES so here’s a selection of everything I could find to make your life sweeter !

First you’ve got to rock the dancefloor : Shoes with Cupcake Couture
Then after few drinks, you will probably want to sit on something comfortable Jellio :

You will go out to smoke your cigarette and yes you will put your winter hat because if you are in Europe right now it’s freaking cold! (Ive been wearing my coat for a week now) Cupcake Beanie

Then someone will probably burn or push you because yes drunk people do that and you will have your  bandages to feel better  Cupcake Bandages:

Oh who is that at the bar ? Girls put on you sweet lipstick ! Naughty but nice gloss

Well the person you were looking forwad to meet is not that cute but you always get the foood (even if I would recommend La durée for Macarons and of course not for cupcakes I have to admit that they look nice) La Durée :

Waterproof your music by cocolovecity
July 20, 2010, 8:22 pm
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H2O Audio just launched a new campaign by Egyptian ad agency LOWE, Cairo to make us understand that we can listen to our favorites artists under water! How cool is that?

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