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I just spent a week in London, I discovered and rediscovered some places. So here’s how you should spend your day !

Begin with a Brunch, my favorite place is Food Lab I always take the Vegetarian Pesto and Pistachio Lasagna which is DELICIOUS !! Go check their website for amazing recipes.

Then buy sexy underwears and get waXed @ Strip

Enjoy a Hot cupcake at Cox cookies & cake which is such a crazy place (created by shoe’s god Patrick Cox !!)

Get a Mojito at Sketch and visit their crazy bathrooms

Wake up, buy Marie Claire to see your hot best friend featured in the style pages !!

then dye your hair blue at Bleach, make your boyfriend wear a Johnny Cupcake shirt and go to Borough Market to enjoy some good foods.


Holiday’s list ! by cocolovecity

Hello ! I wanted to tell you that I will be away during the holidays and probably won’t get internet connection : (  So here we are, end of the year coming soon! I just wanted to give you little tips to offer some gifts for this holiday season:

Choose a Tee shirt: they’re unisex and affordable !

Grafik Cube is an awesome pop brand! You can check their new campaign which brings us back to Grease (With beautiful Lala)! You want to be a cube or cubette ? Yess? Well follow them on twitter and facebook .

Embrace The Culture (ETC) Fashion House is a multicultural brand, adopt their shirts if you want the hipster culturish look!

Music to dance every nights until New Year’s Eve

Wear the TDK’s Boombox for a clean/chic attitude !

Be hot with your accessories

Wow! This man knows how to roll dices and the bow! check Mr Talented blog and boutique

Well because it’s the holidays I’ll give up my 2 favorite stores where you can get all kind of crazy gifts:

New York based Fredflare I’ve been crazy about them for years: you can find all type of access, gadgets and clothes

And to finish and wish you beautiful holidays wherever you are! The Spoon Sisters

See you in 2011 !

Tee for me ! by cocolovecity

Holidays approach and we want to get the best tee shirt for the hipe holidays parties ! Get Santa crazy with those amazing tees!

Hipster, happy, sexy, Minnie are the main key words of Purple Cloth Holiday 010 collection:

Christopher Sauvé gives you the opportunity to either shop his fabulous collection or create you own shirt, bag, underwear here. You’ll find plenty of trashy, classy to scandalous celebs access or shirts with Chris ‘s design to wear! Here’s some of my favorites: purple magazine’s Olivier Zahm, Yves Saint Laurent, Terry Richardson, Naomi Campbell….


And to finish this fun Tee shirts video from Rhett & Link

Meet the Rackstarz by cocolovecity

Jessilann and Patrick Stachmou come from Paris, they put amazing sound in your hears with their music group Les Rackstarz and dress you like crazy with their designer brand Jessilann Paris! You can check their website Jessilann Paris, join their Facebook group, buy their clothes here or here in the streets of Paris and their music here and even check their Myspace !!
Those two curly heads came to my place so I could teach them how to cook cupcakes. Sugar, fondant, cakes and sunglasses enjoy this amazing afternoon that I spent with them:

The final cake :

Coco, coup de ♥ by cocolovecity
May 15, 2010, 10:30 pm
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Coco De Coeur is a new Ts  line. Various inspirations such as :  punks, squaters, rebels, trouble makers… 

Want to show your bad ass atttitude for one night (or more ?) well check their website :

Hype with nothing by cocolovecity

French creators Jey & Kyu decided to launch the hypemeansnothing concept: taking celebrities and make them wear hand made sunglasses.

Seriously those Ts are everywhere : You see them at work, in nighclubs or hype parties.

After the famous JayZ, Obama,blah blah blah they got Lady Gaga and the Fiat 500 car costumized:  Well hype does mean something for the brand !

You can check their website

Here’s a sample of Kyu latest designs Stereo Panda collection that you can also check here

Getting ready for Strip…es! by cocolovecity
January 25, 2010, 8:46 pm
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After the magnificent Comme des Garçons (check their original geometric website here) shirt which can both fit me and boyfriend

I discovered those MotelRocks items !! I justy loove this English brand
Find the blog here and the website here

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