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Come on the sun is out !! You can either go to a sunny place for spring break or just go to a park next to your place ! Here’s some things to get in your sunny luggages for spring:
First to put you in the summer/spring mood:
Check Aldo

Put the Karen Walker retro sunglasses on

Give some flower power on your terrace or window with l’Avant Gardiste

Some accessories for your hair with Musubi S’amuse

Put beautiful music in your ears :

Concert on the 29th of march!! Get the tickets 
Their Myspace

And to end on a sweet touch, grab a cupcake at Chloe’s


Painting is IN by cocolovecity

DIY is still on and getting a unique look is possible !
First I would begin with shoes because you can just dress in all black and put up an amazing look with a beautiful pair of shoes
My Friend L. from Adéli Paris (Magnificent headband) talked to me about Walking Resistance which is an original concept where you can costumize your shoes with paint, choose your model or ask for a special creation! :

Then I would go crazy with the nails! For that you can either get inspired by Lala ( ❤ ) Last “Fast Food” creation

Or do it yourself like Andrea Claire did:

To finish I could have chosen body paint but nah… Boring! Make up is more interesting because Lime Crime makes it look like you’re painting your face (in a beautiful way of course). Definitely does not look like the typical red and mascara look! Check some of their turorials

Back to the gym ? by cocolovecity

After the holidays I guess it’s the time to buy healthy food, hit the gym and apply our sports resolutions ! but I say NO to ugly style for our future athletic activities ! So I went searching and see how designers made sports stylish:

Look how adidas Japan makes sports look hot!

If you are a city person
Get your rollers on! Sadly, rollers designers usually privilege the comfort and forget about the style! Fortunately, Urban Outfitters is here to save our feet !

If you’re enjoying the cold
Glass of champagne? Not this time, Veuve Clicquot actually made a pair of ski sunglasses! This is how you will enjoy your champagne tan on the mountain !

Finally if you enjoy the ocean
Get fancy and surf’s up for amazing waves with Chanel !

DIY Cinderella by cocolovecity

Cinderellas!! Done trying out 50 pairs of shoes in one day ! Done trying to match your ugly shoes from aunt V. with your outfits ! Upper Street Boutique makes us women the happiest shoeaddicts in the world! You can design your own shoes! Wanted to be a Christian Louboutin for a day ? Wouhou now it’s possible: you can choose style, color blahblahblah go try your own on the Upper Street boutique.
Check the Cocolovecity Shoe that I made :

Well cinderella would not had her beautiful crystal shoes if it wasn’t to meet her prince so here’s for you boys: a fabulous blog The Dandy Project Blog that has DIY tips, I know you wont be able to make your shoes online but you can re-designed your proper shoes and clothes!!

Adidas Tofomatic by cocolovecity

Little party with my Faucon at the Adidas store on the Champs Elysées last week, lot of music, lot of champagne, lot of people, great music and CRAZY Tofomatic ( Photobooth that takes your whole body )

During that fabulous party, well every invited person could be taken in the Tofo Matic and then be part of the new Adidas campaign, check it here !

Tips: If you live or pass by Paris you can get photographed in Adidas stores but  be careful the Tofo Matic moves so check the dates on the website : )

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Last Adidas France campaing using stop-motion in the streets of Paris :


Bow Woww by cocolovecity

Noeud Papillons/Bows/Pajarita one word: Styyyyylish

Well for men it’s just easy to wear, hop one bow and you get the style! Here’s some really cool ones from Uniform Experiment :

For women, well kind of different, so here’s some tips to rock the bow:

Monday: you wear the bow with the Dr Martens Mary Janes and feel like a pretty kitty (Dr. Martens x Sanrio)

Tuesday : Malabar calls you for brunch well bow up with  Noeud Papillon ( My favorite part is to recieve her bows it’s like Kate (the designer) threw a whole little party in the package for you)

Wednesday : You go fancy for dinner with Mr. Love ! Cor sine labe doli an talian accessory-maker will help with his new line of ceramic bow ties.

AS FOR THURSDAY well this is for men and women: you go to the fantastic Parisian Party Au Bonheur des Dames…Let’s rock your BowTie Darling! Come one! I gave you enough tips to rock the bow now it’s time to rock the dancefloor!

Pop the shoe by cocolovecity
September 4, 2010, 12:38 am
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Yeahhh ! Amazing shoe designer Nicholas Kirkwood collaborated with pop artist Keith Haring

way to get some pop in  your closet !

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