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Hey ! I’ve been out for a while, working on KLAP and trying to develop the best for all the readers/viewers !!

Here’s a short preview on what we’ve done those the past few months !

We went to A vos Mailles exhibit, you can see the video directed by Magali ( I highly encourage you to check her personal website Tissus et artisans du monde , she is just too amazing to miss what she does!!)

We made a film about water based on Georges Méliès’  inspirations directed by Danaé (if you haven’t seen her work yet go on … She won the first prize of the prestigious Science Po short film festival with her production: Daphne, made for our first issue on origins inspirations)

We had our 2nd beauty shooting, photographed by friend and amazing photographer Nastasia Dusapin 3 beautiful women for our Aquatic inspiration : Lola (French singer and comedian, will always make you smile) Marion (Fashion blogger and sweetes thing) and Angèle (Future huge stylist ! We all know it!)

We created a new category : Exposure, where KLAP visit the homes of artists, designers, singers, ministers, bloggers, wankers to discover their whole world and know more about what they do. Our first meeting was in Lille, France with the designer Sarah Sumfleth.

We made our third fashion film on future inspirations at the Seven Hotel in Paris ! It was amazing, beautiful and fun ! I’ll let you discover the fate of AVA:

We were invited by the French Hotel Lutecia in Paris to discover Le Discret which was an amazing experience. I def, consider to pay him a visit if you ‘re in Paris !

And WAY more !! If you liked what you saw follow/like/love/share KLAP

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October 25, 2011, 2:40 pm
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I’m sorry I’ve been away but working on such a big project : KLAP !

I created a Magazine with Ludovic based on international culture, you will find Fashion, Art, Music, our playlist, Food, Movies, News, Agenda in different cities.

I really hope you will like it and support us !

If you have missed it you can check our first fashion shoot :

The rest here :

Our Show :

Our Site:

Our BLog:

This is the begining, let us grow and wait for our next issue on november 6th !!

You can follow us on Facebook and Twitter !

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Moms are the best and last week my mommy made me discovered Milla Enersen‘s art work ! Milla was working in advertising but one day she discovered the beauty of motherhood and took her maternity leave at a new creative level! Creating famous scenes around her sleeping little girl ! You can check her blog and the video where you can see all of her baby pictures and here is my favorite of the princess and the pea !

Fashion Blogs Survey by cocolovecity

Fashion Bloggers get more and more privileges in the Fashion industry so if you have time answer this “questionnaire” (sounds better in French) it would be a big help for my thesis subject !! Answer here there ici voila merci
Anyway back on the track: last amazing collaboration is Elin Kling with H&M. Done with Lanvin by H&M dresses! You will now wear fashion blogger’s collections. Well, you can take this as hope (if you have a fashion blog and a good style) OR “Whattt?? why should I buy a collection from a blogger????” OR be Avant-gardiste and see fashion blogs as the futrure of fashion (check Viceland for more info!) We ‘re just guessing on who’s going to be next? !
Check Elin’s blog (which is amazing)
and here’s a sample of the collection:

Holiday’s list ! by cocolovecity

Hello ! I wanted to tell you that I will be away during the holidays and probably won’t get internet connection : (  So here we are, end of the year coming soon! I just wanted to give you little tips to offer some gifts for this holiday season:

Choose a Tee shirt: they’re unisex and affordable !

Grafik Cube is an awesome pop brand! You can check their new campaign which brings us back to Grease (With beautiful Lala)! You want to be a cube or cubette ? Yess? Well follow them on twitter and facebook .

Embrace The Culture (ETC) Fashion House is a multicultural brand, adopt their shirts if you want the hipster culturish look!

Music to dance every nights until New Year’s Eve

Wear the TDK’s Boombox for a clean/chic attitude !

Be hot with your accessories

Wow! This man knows how to roll dices and the bow! check Mr Talented blog and boutique

Well because it’s the holidays I’ll give up my 2 favorite stores where you can get all kind of crazy gifts:

New York based Fredflare I’ve been crazy about them for years: you can find all type of access, gadgets and clothes

And to finish and wish you beautiful holidays wherever you are! The Spoon Sisters

See you in 2011 !

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April 27, 2010, 11:00 pm
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It’s been a long time that I promised some evolutions on this blog!

So here we are, I decided to put a new category “★ Day & Night street style»: I will share my discoveries with you every time I go out!

Hopefully I will travel a bit (go to English Pubs in Paris! jk) to not feed my blog on only Parisian style.

I hope you will enjoy this new category and don’t hesitate to send me messages to tell me what you think!

Last thing, I decided to share some blogs that I love that you can find on the left of the blog:

Fade to Black, English stylist who lives in New York. Gemma is energetic; she has an amazing personality and style: mixing all kind of lipsticks!

Time of the Assassins, French student in journalism. Jean is an astonishing photographer… way to see the capital with inspired Parisian eyes.

Collapsing T o ys, French/American (with a touch of English) student in journalism. Pauline is probably the future head a hype magazine or newspaper; she definitely has the best writing.

Accro de la Mode, ex stylist for famous fashion houses.  Isabelle makes the best illustrations to draw everyday trends and inspirations.

Paris Pop Corn, ex journalist but blogger 24/7. She captures the best parties, events of Paris and she is amazingly nice!

Noeud Papillon, Kate is behind those awesome creations! I would buy all her website to just receive her paper wraps!

Recharging for a better writing by cocolovecity
August 25, 2009, 8:18 pm
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Hello! like everyone I take vacations so I will be back in a week.
Keep on sending me updates and wait for some surprises in fall!

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