Sea Sight by cocolovecity

A new video that I made for the brand “Musubi s’amuse” ! It is on the beach in the south of France with a beautiful sunset. So much fun and beauty ! Loved it I hope you’ll like it too ! You can like the page here and check the website here


Rémi Schapman x L’ Avant Gardiste by cocolovecity

I already talked to you about well I got a video project with them to follow Rémi Schapman with his white lomography Mini Diana during a night in Paris ! Check it out :

Musubi s’amuse backstage ! by cocolovecity

Check out the video that I made for the accessory brand Musubi s’amuse

Photographer : Nastasia Dusapin
Stylisme : Gabrielle Kozo
Make up : Clélia Jacob
Hairstyle : Aurélie Yvon
Models : Audrey Dewilder & Julie Bucher
Music: Natas Loves you – Golden Fog, Their Myspace, their Facebook

Meet Kiddy Smile by cocolovecity

Kiddy Smile who is a singer and a fashion icon in France, brought me to his favorite store in Paris to talk about fashion: Kokon To Zai.
Then we went to the studio of his record label Freaks to talk about his music and get a little “live” !
Enjoy this colorful day !

Meet Arlette Ess by cocolovecity

Little trip to London to meet Arlette, she worked for Alexander Mc Queen and started her own accessory brand recently. Magical place and afternoon that I spent with her : she even bought me cupcakes ♥ and made a drawing for Cocolovecity! You can check her <a href=””>website</a&gt; to see her whole collection.

Music GMT

Meet the Rackstarz by cocolovecity

Jessilann and Patrick Stachmou come from Paris, they put amazing sound in your hears with their music group Les Rackstarz and dress you like crazy with their designer brand Jessilann Paris! You can check their website Jessilann Paris, join their Facebook group, buy their clothes here or here in the streets of Paris and their music here and even check their Myspace !!
Those two curly heads came to my place so I could teach them how to cook cupcakes. Sugar, fondant, cakes and sunglasses enjoy this amazing afternoon that I spent with them:

The final cake :

Meet Chloé S. by cocolovecity
October 30, 2010, 12:51 pm
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Dear readers, after 104 posts, I offer you for this 105th: My first interview !
You will be able to find all the videos on the blog under the category Coco I-TV, on vimeo/cocolovecity and on the Facebook page Cocolovecity!
I hope you will enjoy it and don’t hesitate to send me messages to tell me what you think.


Back to the interview : I chose Chloé for this first because as you probably know by now I’m obsessed with cupcakes (well any kind of sweets actually), because she brought to Paris those cute-cakes and made Parisian people sweeter !
You can check her blog and website and go taste her sweets or take a class here

Chloé likes
French music group Brigitte
Ghibli studio

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