Bike it ! by cocolovecity

I just came back from my Europe trip and it was magnificent ! I saw some similarities in a lot of cities and mostly by the people biking everywhere, so here’s a selection of eccentric bikes that i could find:

This ecologic bike would probably stand in your garage in a few years ! It was designed by Dror Peleg

Geometric fans hope on this bike ! Available @ Saintcloud

The Good is an artistic collective and decided to develop an art/bike project. They’re located in Toronto, Canada and plan on expanding promoting several values such as urban planning, biking and public art in Toronto. Love it !

So now after admiring all those crazy bikes it’s time to buy one so I would definitely recommend Pave (well you have to book a ticket for Barcelona but it’s totally worth it) where you can admire their beautiful store !


Garden Party by cocolovecity

Sun is rising, beautiful dresses out of the closet, walking on grass, BBQ wouhou time for a garden party ! How to get the best :

Gather all your friends and dress them with Kill Darling by Sam:

Touch of summer in your hair with Oh Nena (wore by Miss Monroe on the picture) !

Take the plant out and cook on your HOT pot BBQ

Get the cake on your neck with Mademoiselle Creamy !

Finally get nature inspirations with magnificent photographs from Antonella Arismendi

Jumping in the pool ! by cocolovecity

D- 4 until the long walks and tanning session in the South of France !! I was looking for some swimwear to get the perfect look on the beach so here what I found:

Well I already talked about We are Handsome last year but they seriously have the best swimsuits :

The Australian Brand Nookie Beach that I absolutely looove :

Hot, crazy,sexy photoshoot for Nathanpaul !

Beautiful back and a fresh look with Mikoh

Spring fling by cocolovecity

Well you already saw the backstage video of the summer photoshoot of the accessory brand Musubi s’amuse. But now you can enjoy some of the pictures ! So here ‘s my favorites ! You can find the whole photoshoot on the website

Photographer : Nastasia Dusapin
Stylisme : Gabrielle Kozo
Make up : Clélia Jacob
Hairstyle : Aurélie Yvon
Models : Audrey Dewilder & Julie Bucher

Out of space ! by cocolovecity

Did you ever wish to jump in a space rocket and take off until the moon to see the galaxy ? Well I wish I could but as for now I will take myself as a cosmonaut in the fashion department ! So Check those of my favorite space pieces:

Black Milk to swim in the milky way

Strathcona stockings to walk on the moon

Christopher Kane to bring your alien boyfriend with you !

A delicious afternoon ! by cocolovecity

Musubi s’amuse is a French accessory brand: headbands, necklaces, rings I absolutly love what she does ! She invited us to drink tea, eat some cupcakes and try out her accessories! You can find her on facebook: Musubi s’amuse and check out this sweet video !

Meet Kiddy Smile by cocolovecity

Kiddy Smile who is a singer and a fashion icon in France, brought me to his favorite store in Paris to talk about fashion: Kokon To Zai.
Then we went to the studio of his record label Freaks to talk about his music and get a little “live” !
Enjoy this colorful day !

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