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Last week was the launch of the fashion mag Glo France by MSN. When the ipad is the last trend to get in your bag, well you better run online to check the mag ! It’s very visual and very usefull because you can get your own corner using a “scrapbook”. Anyway the party was really fun, we danced, put on some make up and got photographed by the amazing photographer Jean Picon for Say who ? (if you want to get all the best pictures from Paris’s hippest parties, you should def. check it out!) Here’s some pics!

In the order Marion Rocks, Lala Said, Nastasia Dusapin

Dj Loup and Damien from Hopschotch

The headband that I’m wearing is from Musubi s’amuse (she’s working on her website, so if you want one of her beautiful accessories send her a message on facebook!)


Adidas Tofomatic by cocolovecity

Little party with my Faucon at the Adidas store on the Champs Elysées last week, lot of music, lot of champagne, lot of people, great music and CRAZY Tofomatic ( Photobooth that takes your whole body )

During that fabulous party, well every invited person could be taken in the Tofo Matic and then be part of the new Adidas campaign, check it here !

Tips: If you live or pass by Paris you can get photographed in Adidas stores but  be careful the Tofo Matic moves so check the dates on the website : )

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Last Adidas France campaing using stop-motion in the streets of Paris :


Dance and Shock the world by cocolovecity

Felt like going out and hit some parties with cupcakes and craziness

I was with Malabar and we hit the Just Dance 2 party!! This new wii game seems like fun but still got to work my dance moves.
We met with some girls from the Paulette Mag crew and decided to go to the Casio GShock partay where OMG fabulous cupckakes were waiting for us!!!

And threw the night I met the beautiful Musubi who does marvelous jewelery and saw Joey star (French rapper) perform:

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Sista Powa, eat cupcakes and enjoy amazing music! by cocolovecity

Yesterday I was hanging in Paris and passed by Chloe’s (her website)  THE new place to be in Paris to eat cupcakes. Well we’ve got a private tour and Chloe is really the best! So nice and sweet like her cupcakes!  The place is so pinkish and cosy, perfect to get a brunch on week ends or just to enjoy some sweetness after work. I will go back really soon and tell you more about it! Here’s some pictures:


Then to stay in the family mood, I went to see her sister who is one of the lead singer of the French group Brigitte! Amazing style and voices, those girls really know how to rock the ambiance and make the whole room dance ! We just love them ! Check their Myspace and get ready to buy their 3 titles album coming out on the 1st of june. Here’s a picture of the concert and their music video: (you can find the magnificient headband that the curly Brigitte is wearing on Anna Rivka’s website, for an elegant and glamourous attitude)

France @ GMT party by cocolovecity
April 26, 2010, 10:22 pm
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Jean the amazing music Blogger

organised a little get together at the Be There (19 rue des deux ponts metro pont marie Paris 4) …

and I met France who was wearing amazing American Retro pumps

The shoes

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